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The surprising number is
96% to 98%!

Increase Your Brand Visibility and Increase Your Customer Base by Retargeting 100% of Your Website Visitors -- Even Those Who Do Not Click While On Your Webpage

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"Retargeting Makes All Your Other Marketing Programs Better!"

Yes, our programs are fully compatible with your other marketing programs, including Google Ad Words or Pay Per Click. It gives you more opportunities to get in front of that prospective customer who found you with your "search intent" methods. At a much lower cost.


Retargeting is the ability to capture 100% of the visitors that come to your website, blog or landing page offer -- your "warm market" -- and market to them LONG AFTER they have left your page ... once they are ready to buy or call.

That's a WIN-WIN ... the visitor gets their needs met ... and you get a new customer!!

Website Retargeting Shown Visually

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... The Power to Maximize Your Brand And Convert Your Visitors With a One-Of-A-Kind Multi-Messaging Approach For Less Than The Cost of A Postcard.

Less Than 4% of Your Website Visitors Contact You. You are Losing Over 96% of Your Potential Customers!

Less Than 12% of Sites Retarget Their Visitors Today ... Giving You A Powerful Edge Over Your Competition When You Retarget.


Our Retargeting Programs Can Deliver Ads to Your Website Visitors for Up to 90 Days After Their Visit

You've probably experienced Retargeting in action. Have you ever visited a large brand's webpage ... perhaps Amazon ... and then received an ad a few days later?

Every prospective customer who visits your website is on a Buyers Journey that is unique to them individually. They may be early in their research process, may be looking for a specific product or service, may be looking for reviews to see what other customers are saying about you, or may be looking for a great offer. We don't know where they are in their journey, so we need to deliver targeted content to them to keep your business Top of Mind, and address their information needs.


We design our ads in multiple sizes to ensure we get placement on the best webpages and on different devices like mobile, tablet, and desktops. This allows your ads to be placed wherever your prospective Buyer goes on the open internet or on mobile apps ... where ad space is available to purchase. (This program is not social media retargeting.)


90% of Businesses Do Not Retarget Today

We Have Multiple Retargeting Program Structures ... To Meet Your Individual Unique Business Needs

Just like your prospective Buyer is on their own unique journey, we have found that each Business has unique needs when it comes to Digital Marketing goals and challenges. We have three primary Retargeting Program structures we use as a foundation, with several advanced techniques which can be selectively applied.

We are a small agency -- we listen to your needs and design a program specifically for YOU.
Our 10X Program and its little brother, our 5X Program, are our top end Retargeting structures. These programs have multiple funnels, custom-designed using multiple ad types, with ad delivery on a specific time-based rotational basis to ensure the prospective customer's information needs and your Top of Mind marketing objectives are being met.
Our entry level 1X Program w/ 3 Ad Rotation has also proven to be highly effective for websites with low traffic levels, and is available for as little as $397 per month.

These Retargeting Strategies are designed to also help overcome the Banner Blindness effect often seen when an ad recipient is delivered one specific ad repetitively in a short period of time.

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One of the secrets to every successful image ad campaign is the use of banner ads that build your brand and drive qualified traffic. How? By applying thousands of hours worth of research and proven techniques.

Proven & Effective Ad Design
We've researched over 10,000 of the world's highest converting banner ads to make sure that the ads we create for you are effective.

Split Testing
Based on your campaign goals and size, we may split test primary ad features by rotating ads to optimize your campaign effectiveness.


Our Warm Market / Website Retargeting Campaigns deliver ads to your recent website visitors. But, do you need more new visitors to your website?

Our Cold Market Ad Campaigns can start small, and are very scalable. We can target your Ideal Customers based on demographics, interests, specific website URL's, or location.

Our Hyper Local targeting can allow ad delivery to mobile devices present at specific street addresses.

Our industry-leading Time Lapse targeting allows us to deliver ads to mobile devices which have visited a targeted street address within the past 12 months .... even if they are not there now.

We are proud that we "demystify today's marketing jargon" for our clients. We know you have questions. That's expected!
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Why Us?

Why should you put your trust in Silicon Slopes Marketing? 

Our founder and owner is a long time business advisor, having formed his own consulting company 20 years ago after a successful corporate career. He worked for multi-national Fortune 500 clients in nine countries, before he started focusing solely on helping small businesses grow profitably. Silicon Slopes Marketing is an offshoot of the consultancy, focused solely on helping small businesses solve their most challenging marketing problems.

We are a small agency, and will always be a small agency. We limit our client list so that we can get to know your business and help you succeed.

Our marketing toolkit is large enough that we can be your primary marketing support if desired -- we offer services in the four core pillars of digital marketing today -- Social Media Marketing, Traffic & Search Engine Marketing, Automation & Funnels, and Reputation Marketing. We call this our S-T-A-R Framework

Our Core Values define us:
 - Do What is Right for Our Client
 - Excellence in Everything We Do
 - Lead with Value
 - Operate with Integrity

Our #1 Goal: Put a Smile on the Faces of Our Clients
Our Promise to You: Our extensive business experience, coupled with our own marketing experience, will ensure the Silicon Slopes Marketing capabilities will be best suited for your specific business needs ... will be delivered quickly ... and will be cost effective.

Our Traffic Specialists are Certified!
Certified Retargeting Specialist
Certified Customer Acquisitions Specialist - Advertising

We're Proud of What Our Clients Say About us

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Website Retargeting actually work?
We work with you or your webmaster to install some simple HTML code onto your webpage that places a "pixel" onto the device of your website visitors. Over the next 90 days after their visit, we can then deliver ads (image ads or video ads) to your viewer's device, whenever they are on the internet and browsing one of the many websites that sell ad space, or when they are working inside a mobile app of some sort.

Isn't this just for large companies?
Retargeting is a foundational marketing strategy used broadly by large businesses. Why? Retargeting Makes All Your Other Marketing Programs Better. Our proprietary technology has now made this cost effective for small businesses, with entry level programs starting as low as $397 per month. 

How do I get started?
We have several advanced strategies which are not described here, that might be very applicable to your specific business case and very cost effective. So you may want to find out more, to get the best start. We want to answer any and all questions you have, so please click the button above to schedule a free consultation with one of our traffic experts. You'll be glad you did ... no cost or obligation. Totally Free.


My business uses "Pay Per Click" Ad Campaigns ... will we need to stop those?

Oh NO! In fact, our clients who run PPC, tell us they LOVE the follow up opportunities with our Retargeting programs ... it helps make their PPC budget dollars be much more effective!


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